Our Vision

One of the obstacles in the development of GameFi and NFT is Entry Cost. While most blockchain games require users to actually own NFT assets to enjoy a full experience of the game, many projects only allow users that purchased Entry Pass as NFT to join the game. However, this creates a financial barrier that makes it difficult for NFT to have a broader reach despite the fact that in general NFT has more advantages than traditional digital assets.
Nemogem applies one of the E-commere's most effective marketing strategies, which is a return policy for buyers, into the NFT marketplace. The application of blockchain technology aims to make the NFT return process transparent and automatic with the help of smart contracts. By applying the return policy to the NFT marketplace, we believe this will remove most of the financial barriers for new entrants, thereby promoting the use and adoption of NFT.
We want to help you find comfort and enjoyment when buying and acquiring NFT ownership instead of being compelled to choose. Nemo Marketplace contract allows you to return your purchased NFTs with on-chain agreements to get refunds in case they cannot fit your need.