NFT Verification

In order to protect users from scammers, NemoGem team continuously checks the legality of every newly listed NFT contract. Each time an NFT contract’s process is complete, its verification status will be displayed as a tick symbol beside the NFT’s name like below:
Particularly, the verified symbol of NemoGem is created when at least one of these conditions is met:
  • The NFT contract address listed on NemoGem matched one of the contracts created by the NFT project team.
  • The NFT contract address listed belongs to its NFT project.
  • The NFT contract address listed is already verified on another famous marketplace.
On the other hand, there is also an unverified symbol which implies one of the reasons below:
  • The project team of listed NFT is unable to determine or contact.
  • The contract of the listed NFT is malformed.
  • This NFT may be fraud or fake.

What are the advantages of the verified NFT?

NemoGem also offers some distinguishing benefits for the verified NFT as follows:
  • A verified symbol displayed next to NFT’s name
  • A dedicated page for the full NFT collection, with official links and banners promoted on the homepage of NemoGem.
  • Display of the metadata and images adjusted regularly by the NemoGem team in order to optimize the browsing and filtering experience.
  • A special fee rate and royalty support based on its partnership level with NemoGem.
  • An additional option of payment with the NFT project’s governance token, white-label market, etc.

How to Get a Verified symbol for your NFT project?

NemoGem provides several flexible plans to customize your verification process. To kick start the process, please submit this form